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Comic Books – with love.

I’ve been a rabid fan of the comic books for as long as I can remember. The XMen are still my favorites. Particularly Rogue.

Back in art school I’d fallen madly in love with Royo’s artwork as far as the comic books were concerned. Of course, Royo had done illustrations for Penthouse, not comic books, but his artistic genius gave the world something far more powerful and more profound – his warrior women. So take the comic book frenzy and mix it up with some twisted Royo fantasy and you’re most likely to have created the most amazing thing.

I got restocked on how-to’s on comic book characters and I’ve started working on some today. A little bit of motion, a little bit of tight sexy outfits… you know, the usual. I think I’ll take my chance on a male action hero tomorrow, I wonder if I can still do them. Of course I can, I’m kidding, I just need to practice. Blogging is cool for me, it’s like self-therapy. I keep talking to myself and everything is better. It doesn’t really matter if anyone else reads this, this is my playground and right now I’m about to show off some comic book material.

You’ll probably notice that there’s a Rogue lookalike in there. It’s actually one of my takes on my favorite girl. I’ll have to get a serious pen though, the tiniest of brushes is no match for my trembling fingers, dammit.

Peacock feathers


I’m in my peacock feather phase, I’m sorry. Or was, until yesterday. Today I went all Ancient Greek and warrior chick combined. I’m on a drug and it’s called… bah, nevermind, your face will melt off if you try it.

Strike a pose. Come on, Vogue!


I got my claws on a very heavy but delightful Vogue catalogue. It has everything I need in order to do some serious fashion illustrations (or more like exercises, remember: practice practice practice!) and even some character artwork.

I went to Siena yesterday (actually 20 km away from Siena, in a small but gorgeous town). Ten hours on about 9 trains for just fours hours of human interaction. I saw my adoptive grandmama and made her happy with my artsy things. I shook hands on the agrotourism summer job, and I can’t wait to get started. I saw the resort and I have to tell you, it’s incredibly beautiful.

Imagine this 14th century palazzo with 14 apartments, completely renovated and redecorated – with a lot of its original materials too. The massive stone and brick walls, the light brown window frames, the pool, the emerald valley and hills that surround it. There’s lavander in the garden, there are mimosas blooming all around the place – and I swear that there is not one scent that can defeat the magic of a mimosa in early spring. Your nostrils are immediately titilated and your senses run around, unable to regain themselves. The palazzo is built on a massive stone platform and you can see it clearly while taking a skinny dip in the pool on any given day. Heh.

Spending a week in that place would be the perfect therapy for anyone. It would also be perfect for writers who seek peace, quiet and inspiration. The latter is literally oozing out of every single pebble, stick and blade of grass.

Trenitalia sort of sucks but they’re better than other trains that I’ve had the misfortune to experience. The really fast and cool ones are sucky for a particular reason: you get on, you take your seat, you feel like you’re in business class because it’s all so nice and clean, and there’s a voice on the speaker that welcomes you aboard and tells you that in a few minutes a hostess will bring around a cart filled with refreshments, sparkling wine, mineral water and a vast selection of Italy’s best snacks and sweets. That makes your mouth dry for a little sparkly but also watery in anticipation of their pastry wonders. And the reason why it’s sucky is because that bloody cart never comes around. They’re lying pricks. Three times I’ve been on one of the cool and fast trains, and three times I have been mislead by the nice voice on the speaker. The only person that DID come by after the speaker announcement was always the nice lady who checked our tickets. Now that’s sucky.

The paradox is here: the same Trenitalia offers the Intercity train. When you think Intercity you think about something modern and fast, not the rusty old Thomas Train set that showed up on the platform. Once I got on and the train… or whatever that was… started moving, it felt like the platform was moving, not the… uh, train. I have to give them credit for comfort though. The suckier the outside, the more comfy and fluffy on the inside. And guess what! There’s actually a guy who comes around with a cart filled with refreshments, sparkling wine, mineral water and a vast selection of Italy’s best snacks and sweets! He even has a bell, which he rings in front of each compartment. That just left me wondering: do they always take the wrong train or do they always play the wrong message through the speakers?

Either way, ten hours via train is an experience that I do not wish to repeat any time soon. I came home completely zombified and I woke up even worse. I felt like I’d spent those ten hours under the train, not in it, in a continuous accident – one that Van Damme would probably try to prvent with the help of a sexy yet expired actress. A hangover sounds like a better option right now. A tequila, red wine and vodka combined kind of hangover. Hell, a tequila, red wine, vodka AND beer hangover. But no, I’m pretty much just a lousy train wreck.

In spite of that, however, my hands decided that they wanted to paint a little today. So they browsed through the Vogue catalogue, got inspired and came up with two illustrations. More to come tomorrow, when I get the pain out of my body. May you enjoy them.

Some ladies escaped from my head…

And ended up on paper.

I’ve finally found the right tool to apply that black ink the way I want it. I don’t know why but I’m still drawn to this kind of art – I guess you could call it a cross between fantasy art and fashion illustration. I’m still working on the faces, I just don’t have the patience to practice expressions. Not yet, anyway. I’ll have to do it at some point, I know.

First off, there are Mirrors. What we see here is a beautiful brunette whose skimpy outfit is made out of tiny mirrors. It looks like she’s having a bit of trouble with a swirly violet thing. I love her shoes.

Here’s a close up on the lady. She looks pretty serious. But the chest piece kind of makes up for that.

Detail of the swirly violet thing. Sometimes I make it up as I go, just like the creators of “Lost”. The result, in this case, was a violet swirly things. Perverts may now do the “fap!fap!fap!” while imagining other uses for the violet swirly things in this lady’s case.

Like I was saying – I dig the shoes. No, really, I will make a pair sometime this year. I promise.

Next, I came up with an Ode to Spring. It’s the 1st of March, so instead of the usual cherry blossom (damn, I just got another idea, will paint and post tomorrow) and bundles of tulips I chose to create this lady. Don’t make fun of her eyebrows, she’s Spanish. It’s the only spring themed image that I could come up with, given the horrid rain that’s constantly pouring outside. It’s freezing and it’s grey and it sucks out here, the least I can do is paint hot chicks.

Here’s a close up on my beloved spring. Her costume is fetish/circus trapese artist inspired. The breasts are natural, no implants. I’m pretty sure she got hair extensions, though.

My favorite contrast remains blue and orange. They complement each other in such harmony. Red and green feel like cheap Christmas while violet and yellow feel like Willy Wonka on pills at the Chocolate Factory. So I decided to play with this set of colors. I came up with this litlle birdie.

And here’s a close up on that almost perfect ass and blue (latex) boots.

Remember, don’t get too critical. Not yet, anyway. I’ll tell you when you can start acting like you can tell the difference between fantasy art and kitsch.

That’s enough for today, my fingers hurt.

Fresh out of the oven.

Remember the “About Julia” page? If you haven’t seen it, go check it out now. No excuses, just go. Now!


Ok, done?

Good. You’ve probably seen the images. The sketches, that is. I’m currently working on several things. You know, the usual, two novels, illustrations and paintings. The only result that I get from working on that many things at the same time is pretty much nothing. So I’ve decided to take it step by step. [Ooh baby, wanna get to you giiiiiirl, step by step, ooh baby, wanna get you in my wooooorld!]

Yes. So today was “paint a hot chick” day!

I did two! I’d say that was quite productive. The bone & band-aid lady that’s making all the bloody mess is my personal favorite – from today’s batch anyway! The orange-haired amazon is pretty hot too, but the “mummy” kicks it by far. That skull is just too damn cool. And I painted the thing, imagine my enthusiasm. Hah. I used watercolor and black ink, as usual. I’m sticking to this technique for a while.

Few actually know that my favorite artist is Luis Royo. He tends to inspire me. I’ve been drawing these ladies since I was sixteen – that is, since I first saw Royo’s artwork in an excellent album called “Secrets”. The guy is sick. Really sick. In a really good way. He’s basically an industrial designer who did illustrations for Penthouse and keeps painting these incredible beauties.

I’ve grown to implement my own style into my artwork, yet the female body remains my favorite subject – the perfect balance between lines and curves, in my humble artsy opinion.

If you’ve enjoyed what’s on the “About Julia” page, then you’ll probably enjoy these as well. Don’t forget that I’ve spent six years without touching a brush, so don’t judge, just enjoy. I have quite a distance to go until I reach my full potential. I’m not too rusty, either.

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