This is war.

As usual, in the darkest of moments there’s a fairy something that reaches out, grabs me by the collar and drags me back out into the light. Of course, six months of unemployment in Italy are nothing compared to five years of working hard in Romania. I handled it with my head high and my mind glazed with TV shows and mushy romantic comedies. That also added extra pounds to my system, but I’ve already started to leave those behind.

Starting tomorrow, I am officially a working girl and it feels awesome.

There’s a lot to do, my body still suffers from the general adjustment process but overall my psyche went all the way to the Moon.

There are many advantages to this new job thing. Money is basically the first that pops into mind, as it generates other greater benefits – like the certainty of my attendance of the 30 Seconds to Mars concert in Milano, the possibility to purchase basic things like a car, a bike, a camera, a decent pair of sunglasses and well… a social life.

It’s been weird to spend six months at home with no friends in a foreign country that had trouble taking me in. Really weird. It was comforting for a couple of months but then I went stir crazy.

So I’m finally coming back to life and I pity the fools who will cross my path. I’m thirsty for new things, I’m already planning road trips and my mind is going all over the place – this kind of brain hyperactivity will probably produce more pieces on this tiny blog, but it will also be a catalyst for more serious writing and painting. Which I’ve also missed but haven’t been able to do properly given the unemployment buff.

All I can say is that I’m happy and looking forward to the concert. Can’t say I look forward to really work, but hell, I’ve still got a couple of steps to take before I can finally do the job that I truly love. Not many steps, just a couple. It takes a while to adjust, but when that happens, things will change dramatically.

I salute you.


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