I’ve heard this word one too many times. I’m going to develop an allergy soon.

Seriously, allow me to exemplify.

Situation A:

Dude 1: Dude, did you see “Black Swan”? How was it?

Dude 2: It was deep, man, I’m telling you, so deep!

Situation B:

Dude 1: How about that Journey song?

Dude 2: Yeah, dude, it’s so deep.

Situation C:

Chick 1: So what do you think about James Franco?

Chick 2: Oh God, he’s like… so deep! He’s amazing!

Situation D:

Chick: Have you read “Catcher in the Rye”?

Dude: I’ve tried, but it’s too deep for me.

Unless they’re all crack babies, we have a problem.

Why is it that “deep” is the only word I get when I ask for an opinion about a book, a movie, a band or even a person? What happened to “intense”, “complex”, “exhilarating”, “fascinating”, “profound”… even “profound”!

I know I shouldn’t have such expectations from 90% of the carbon based life forms that I happen to share the species with, but still. Please. “Deep” is not an answer. You can use it once and get away with it, but afterwards it just gets so annoying. A pool can be deep, a Boa feather loving harlot from the red light district can be deep, the sea is deep, the shit that we’re slowly sinking into on a global level is DEEP, even my period pains are deep, but this is just too much.

This word has basically lost its sense, to me anyway. Just the other day someone was telling me that Ke$ha’s music is deep. She didn’t live to provide an argument, but that’s not the issue here. I’m having trouble with the use of the word “deep”. It’s being used excessively and its meaning is being taken lightly. No, lightly doesn’t even begin to cover it. People are pooping on the word “deep” and throwing it around with anything just to sound smarter.

Enough with today’s rant.

Have some more “recuperating art” from your one and only.

There’s a red absinthe ad and something that might work as a Valentine’s Day card. The red absinthe ad came up today, the pink/red things weren’t really supposed to come out like that but I just went with the flow and made up a slogan to go with it: Red Absinthe – Makes your blood cells bubble. The style is pretty much Art Nouveau, watercolor and black ink. You can notice that this girl’s smile is better than yesterday’s girl. Told’ya, progress.

I love red absinthe, a flaming shot of it is pretty much like knocking myself out, with a dash of cinnamon. The good part was that I could never remember much from an absinthe-night, thus no reason to feel embarrassed. My drinking buddies always suffered from the same type of hangover and so we were all just happy not to remember anything and ready to get on with the English breakfast and sturdy deserts needed to get our blood sugar back to normal levels.

The other lady, the creepy one with bloody tears, was inspired from a Royo conception. You could consider the pink things as flowers or just an abstract heart background, whatever you wish. I consider it a proper Valentine’s Day card because my favorite Valentine’s Day card is Happy Tree Friends’ Valentine Giggles. (Click it!)

I’m looking at a five hour train ride to Siena, so I’m blogging while I still can, I’ll come back in shambles and sink DEEP in bed.


Art Nouveau anyone?

Oh no, I will not waste thirty minutes of my life writing about the history of Art Nouveau. If it isn’t your first time here, I have a feeling that you DO know what Art Nouveau is, so I don’t need to explain it. If you do need explanations, please use google. Basically it’s one of the kick ass periods in art history.

Where art meets poster, sensuality meets commercial (e.g. the sexy lady trying to make you buy biscuits), color meets the daring black outline. Remember Tournee du Chat Noir? Steinlen’s poster art for one of Paris’ key cabaret joints. Come ooooon, it’s on every coaster and souvenir mug you find in Paris. You can’t miss it.

The Art Nouveau was one hell of a movement. It had it all! Absinth, jazz, nudity and some more alcohol, some more jazz and a deeper cleavage, a good show and a wild cabaret… gah, the art that came out of it was incredible. Its key images can now be found in 90% of the French themed cafes, printed on coasters or cheap paper and framed to give the place a “hip” look. Amazingly enough, they work just great. I mean, they still do!

So there you have it, several bits of Art Nouveau poster art.

And down here we’ve got my little wood nymph, just a tiny homage to this wonderful artistic movement. Tomorrow I’ll be doing more. I’ve kicked enough ass for today.

Like I said, it’s the baby steps that’ll get me far.

You might’ve noticed that the girl is about to smile. That’s as far as I got today regarding expression – a lousy little smirk. Better than the stone cold faces, I’ll say. Told you… progress.

This one is so pretty that I’ll have her framed.

For murder.

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