Benefits of Immigration

Because that’s what I am, basically. A multilingual immigrant who does one too many things yet experiences the troubles of adjustment, like every other immigrant. But whenever it gets too hard, too heavy, too grim or just too damn annoying, my automatic optimistic interface gets switched on and I start looking for positive aspects of this epic change in my life.

For what it’s worth, back in my country the closest I got to a live concert was a B’EstFest weekend – three days, lots of famous artists. It was the only show that provided a decent level of sound quality. Everything else just let me down. It’s awful to finally get to see one of the bands that inspired you and walk away with a sour taste in your mouth because of our local incompetence. I’ve been waiting for years to just get out of my country and go to a place where I could afford and truly enjoy going to a live concert once in a while – and I’m talking about big bands, big names here.

So when I heard that 30 Seconds to Mars will be in Italy on the 17th and 18th of June, I just had to say “Hell yes!”. I never had a Jared Leto poster on my wall, so I’ve automatically excluded myself from the raging teenage fan sector. But I’ve enjoyed their music from the beginning. What I must admit is that “This Is War” is a masterpiece, I sometimes put it on repeat for at least a week until I decide to finally listen to something else. The admiration that I hold before these guys is indescribable, the ludicrous amounts of inspiration that their music provides for my fingers are the reason why I’m doing everything in my power to be there for them too – as one of the thousands in the audience of their June 17th concert in Milano.

It’ll be the perfect birthday present, I reckon. Being able to just get on a train or a car and just go there, experience their live music and then go back home with an enormous smile on my face, saying “I f***ing did it!”. If you follow them closely, you’ll probably understand why I love them so much – from the music to the level of creativity granted to each of their music videos, from the photographs on Jared’s blog to their way of life.

They just deserve every single amazing thing that comes their way and I deserve every single second of that concert.


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