About Julia

Julia likes arts. She paints, she sculpts, she does all kinds of artsy stuff. Her favorite is costume design, because it’s the perfect blend of fashion design, history, decorative art and jewelry design.

Julia likes movies and tv series. Her favorites include Family Guy, American Dad, Glee (she’s one hell of a Gleek!), True Blood, The Mentalist, Supernatural and many other classics of the tiny screen. Her favorite movies are too many to count, but among her favorite directors you’ll find Guy Ritchie, the Coen brothers, Tim Burton and Francis Ford Coppola. The Godfather isn’t her favorite Coppola film, it’s Dracula.

Julia likes books, she loves to read. Her favorite authors are Neil Gaiman (she sometimes wishes he’d adopt her, but oh well), Anne Rice, Terry Pratchett, Boris Vian, Herman Hesse and many more. She’s into fiction, everything else kind of bores her, sorry.

Julia loves music. She listens to almost anything, as long as it makes her heart pump and her foot tap. She is a devoted fan of the musical, of the violin and of Daft Punk. She will always enjoy the Need for Speed soundtracks but when she has to write or paint, she switches to Jazz, Lounge and the Putumayo collection. She’ll shake her head to AC/DC but she’ll also hum to a Heart ballad. She grew up with Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit and Pink. She will never admit to having posters of NSYNC, Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears on her wall. None of us really do admit that. Her favorite composer remains Vivaldi and she’d throw an egg at Lady Gaga, even though she does appreciate some of her music. Julia thinks that wearing a 20 kg meat dress is not only tacky but also an insult to that one African village that could’ve lived off that dress for at least a week.

Julia loves motorcycles and road trips. She owns a bike but has to wait a little while longer to get the damn license. Fate likes to play pranks on that aspect. She quivers at the sound of a mono and she will always drool over the MT-01, the MT-03 and the Hypermotard. Her’s bike’s name is Siboney and she had it tattooed on her forearm as a symbol of a dream that came true. You see, she believes that if you dream about it hard enough, you can make it come true, even if just for a minute.

Julia is a hopeless romantic but she’ll never admit it. She likes to cry at Disney classics and she loves lilies and tulips. She thinks Valentine’s Day is a horror movie unless there’s a significant other involved, that’s when she turns into the cutest little thing and uses sexy lingerie, chocolate and champagne to woo her “significant other”. Of course, the one and only time that she tried that, the prick showed up much too late and fell asleep, so basically Valentine’s Day sucks for Julia. She’ll rather spend it alone, with brownies, red wine and sobby films.

Julia is also very sarcastic. Try not to make her say things. It will sting, I guarantee it. Julia doesn’t really like women. She likes to befriend the men because they are simpler and less preoccupied with nail polish and lipstick shades. She hates tacky things and looks up to women like Coco Chanel and Jane Austen. She has her reasons. Julia also values a solid friendship – she has made her share of mistakes and people do have a history of letting her down, so when she meets someone new, she always checks twice before jumping in. She’s soft, calm and gentle but she can rip you into pieces if you really have that “itch”.

It takes a lot more to know her, but I hope you got the general picture.  You might think that Julia likes to talk about herself in the third person, but you’re wrong. I am only a keyboard and I’m telling you about my mistress. My name is Microsoft and I have a comfort curve. I also have breadcrumbs hidden under my keys and watercolor spots on my sides. But I’m black, I’m Julia’s keyboard and I’m proud of it!

P.S. Julia’s mother tongue is not English. Some can tell, others can’t. That’s because she’s practically bilingual and because she’s good at languages in general. Accent included. Yeah, she’s pretty cool. I kinda love her, that’s why I let her touch me all the time…


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